About Us

Sadakat Education and Culture Assistance Association has been in Syria's Azez Region since January 2020, when it started its activities; While we deliver the necessary humanitarian aid to our Syrian brothers and sisters who are in distress, disaster, victimized by war, persecuted and trying to survive under difficult conditions in tent cities, we deliver the necessary humanitarian aid to the children of these people who have been deprived of education and training, with their boarding dorms, the number of which is increasing day by day, in decent and clean environments. and carries out activities regarding the education of worldly sciences.

Our aim is to organize the most effective solutions and values ​​in the material and moral aid activities in Syria, with an extensive network of volunteers and donors, and to deliver them to those in need.

Our way of working is to respond in the most effective way to all existing and newly emerging material and moral needs in Syria, in cooperation with public institutions and organizations, together with domestic and foreign coordinators.