Water Well

Water Well

Water is vital for all living things. The lack of water alone can cost people's life, and its lack in sufficient quantities causes drought and thus famine. Unfortunately, people suffer from thirst and food shortages in places where water, which has a very important place in the lives of plants, animals and people, is not in sufficient quantities to meet the need. Changing factors in the world such as rapid population growth, global warming, inability to use natural resources properly, and rapidly developing industrialization make access to water even more difficult in some regions.

Due to its geographical location, Africa is the place where drought and drought problems are experienced the most. Instability, waste of natural resources and climate change make it more difficult for the people of the region to access clean water day by day.


Water is Life Itself.
While water is one of the basic needs of life owners, it is also the most important of natural resources. About 70 percent of the world is covered by water.

97% of the available water is salt water in the oceans and seas. The remaining 3% is fresh water that meets the needs of living things. There is no equal distribution of this 3% water amount on earth.


The Adventure of Water in Africa
in Africa; In Sudan and South Sudan, it is not easy to drink water, perform ablution and clean. Reaching the water and keeping it clean after reaching it is a major problem.

People who cannot reach water easily have to walk for miles to find water. Families with a little more opportunity use animal-powered vehicles called tankers.

These tankers deliver water to their homes. The fact that the tankers are made of iron, old, neglected and rusty also shows that they are not very healthy.

In this way, the water reaching its destination is transferred from the tanker into containers made of earth from which they drink water.

After transferring the water they will use for drinking to these pots made of earth, they fill the remaining water into barrels located outside the houses for cleaning and use it from there. Stagnant water, unsanitary containers, and very hot weather invite diseases. Of course, a complete cleaning cannot be done with the water obtained in this way. Because they can't always bring water.

Can you guess what the pitchers in the picture above are?

In the picture, you see the fountain in front of a mosque. Those who come to pray make ablution from here and go to the mosque.

Water is brought here, in the same way, by human or animal power.


After observing these, it is our duty,
As the Loyalty Association; We are aware of the need to do something for people living in these life conditions.

You can raise their standard of living simply by supporting a well to be drilled near their home. These blessings, which we are not even aware of, can be a matter of life and death for others.


How Can You Support Our Water Well Project?
Water well drilling costs vary depending on the country, region, depth and how the well will be drilled. Therefore, our team determines the cost by conducting a field study at the place where the well will be drilled.

You can support the drilling of a water well by buying a share for 200 TL for the well planned to be drilled.