As Sakadat Association, in the places where we try to remedy their problems, heal their wounds and meet their needs; We are aware that long-term, permanent solutions can only be with education. Because educated generations form the basis of a happy future.

Education always occupies the second place when insufficient financial means cause even the most basic needs to be met. A father who spends all his energy to feed his child's hunger or to cure his thirst cannot even think about the education of his child. So, what kind of future awaits these young people who cannot receive education and therefore cannot have a good job? Unfortunately the same as his father. Children who grow up under these conditions will only have to worry about their livelihood, just like their fathers. It is a pity that it has continued in this way for generations and that they have to struggle constantly, relentlessly and hard to fill their bellies.

Thinking about it this way, every parent trying to secure their child's future in some way will not accept what happened.

With this sensitivity, we, together with the Sakadat Volunteers, have seen that education is a permanent solution in the fight against poverty wherever we go. Raising education to world standards as much as we can in places where it lags far behind the modern age, at least if we can change the lives of the children we can reach a little bit, will be a source of happiness for us.

As Sakadat Association, we aim to provide education to as many children as we can, under conditions close to world standards, by constructing permanent works for education within the scope of our educational activities.

Again, we try to win their hearts by giving them the Qur'an as a gift.

By contributing to our construction in the capital Khartoum in Sudan, you can be instrumental in constructing permanent works in education or you can present a memory of the Qur'an as a gift.